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CHINA: The Philosopher Departs

Few diplomats of any nation have been more popular in the U.S. than slight, charming Hu Shih, China's foremost living scholar, China's Ambassador to the U.S. since 1938. Last week Chiang Kai-shek recalled Ambassador Hu, replaced him with Dr. Wei Tao-ming. The Gissimo did not say why. True, 51-year-old Dr. Hu had a scholarly disinclination ...
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FORMOSA: Bright Feather

The big news on Formosa last week was a visiting celebrity: Dr. Hu Shih, China's most respected scholar, who was concluding his first visit to Formosa since that strategic island became the Nationalist refuge and stronghold. Scholar Hu (who has been leading the scholarly life in New York and Princeton) received a flattering and festive ...
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DANGER ZONES: No Freedom of Silence

China's scholarly Dr. Hu Shih, former president of Peking National University and Ambassador to Washington from 1938 to 1942, is now in the U.S., a refugee from his country's Red rulers. His son, Hu Szu-tu, 28, is still behind the Bamboo Curtain, has already undergone the so-called "new learning" in political science at the North ...
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Education: Young Sage

When a storm swamped a rowboat on Cayuga Lake in 1916, a young Cornell man named Hu Shih got a ducking. To memorialize the immersion, a soaking compatriot composed a poem in literary Chinese. Its mannered, delicate style seemed so ill-suited to the topic that young Hu dashed off some lustier lines of his own. ...
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Nationalist China: The Departed Traveler

While serving as China's wartime Ambassador to the U.S. (1938-1942), Scholar-Philosopher, Dr. Hu Shih received $60,000 from his hard-pressed government to use for propaganda. He returned the money with the remark: "My speeches are sufficient propaganda and do not cost you anything." Independence of mind and forthright expression marked the course of his life. Born ...
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FORMOSA: Rebuttal

In exile in Illinois, Formosa's ex-Gov ernor Dr. K. C. Wu has grown increasingly violent in denouncing the Chiang Kai-shek regime he once served. "Formosa has been perverted into a police state," he cried shrilly in Look. Last week China's most respected scholar, Dr. Hu Shih, onetime (1938-42) Ambassador to the U.S.. entered an emphatic ...
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CHINA: My Soul to the Devil

China's foremost scholar, Dr. Hu Shih, has observed that his country's Red regime allows neither freedom of expression nor freedom of silence. What he meant was plain last week at a "self-accusation" meeting of students and teachers of Peking's famed Yenching University (TIME, Feb. 26). Professor after professor and pupil after pupil stood up to ...
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CHINA: Fellow Students

CHINA Fellow Students Said China's urbane and distinguished scholar, Dr. Hu Shih, once Ambassador to the U.S. and now a delegate to Nanking's National Assembly: "We're only schoolboys in democratic politics. We're now in the classroom trying to learn." But if the Assembly was unruly as a country schoolhouse last week, its very disorder cheered ...
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CHINA: Mischievous Moon

The paper marionettes of the Red Cape Players jerked the White Snake Lady through a series of strange and supernatural adventures. But Chinese Ambassador Dr. Hu Shih, guest of honor at a Columbia University China War Relief meeting in Manhattan, was not paying attention. He had come prepared to say that China will fight on, ...
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CHINA: Traitor Hu

A new sort of treason—the treason of destructively criticizing a dead man's ideals—was charged last week against that august intellectual aristocrat Dr. Hu Shih. famed as "the foremost Chinese modern thinker," founder of the Chinese Literary Renaissance, first Chinese to write poetry in the spoken language of the people, graduate of Cornell (B. A.) and ...
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RED CHINA: Unstable Achievement

Mao Tse-tung stood high on the Gate of Heavenly Peace, beamed down as half a million persons paraded before him in celebration of the eighth anniversary of the Communist conquest of China. There were the well-drilled children of the Young Pioneers, paratroopers, government workers with flowers in hand. Overhead roared Soviet-made jet bombers and Chinese-made ...
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FORMOSA: Suggestions from Stockholders

The National Assembly of Free China is a sort of political stockholders' meeting. Comprised of delegates elected generally not from politics but from universities, business and the professions, it meets every six years to review the government's operations, make suggestions, and elect a president and vice president. Last week, meeting for the first time since ...
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Foreign News: Scum!

Often called "the foremost Chinese thinker of today" is Hu Shih, for nine years Professor of Philosophy at Peking University, and later Dean of the English Department, the first Chinese to write poetry in the spoken vernacular, vigorous editor for many a moon of the slightly radical Chinese weekly Endeavor, and frequently mentioned as likely ...
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CHINA: The Ivory Tower

U.S. policy toward China had been stalled at dead center for nine months. Last January George Marshall's parting advice, after 13 months in China, had called for major Chinese self-reform before any further U.S. assistance to the Chinese Government. When President Truman sent Lieut. General Albert C. Wedemeyer to China in Marshall's footsteps this summer, ...
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CHINA: Tough Guy for Tough Times

By making his brother-in-law, T. V. Soong, Foreign Minister of China, Chiang Kai-shek last week formally recognized two facts. One was the extraordinary ability of one of China's top administrators; the other, that China no longer has any "foreign relations" in the old sense. With most of the world as war-swept as China, foreign relations ...
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Foreign News: Eighteen Levels Down

Just before last week's Communist stab through the Nationalist Huai River defense line (see above), TIME Correspondent Frederick Gruin made a visit to the Huai front. His report: The railroad station at Pukow, just across the Yangtze from Nanking, was choked with people. Soldiers, bulky in padded winter khaki, bivouacked on the concrete platforms. Their ...
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Education: Guarding a Tradition

For the mainland and the world, Formosa's refugee scholars guard a treasure: the tradition of humanistic and rationalistic China. But Formosa is losing intellectuals so fast that the tradition is endangered. Last week, at the University of Washington in Seattle, 100 Chinese and U.S. scholars discussed ways of saving it in a five-day Sino-American Conference ...
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Art: Head Huntress

With her Siamese cat, husband, violin and 28 pieces of metal baggage, capable grey-haired Malvina Hoffman sailed into New York Harbor last fortnight. Three-quarters of the largest sculpture commission ever given a woman was completed. Sculptress Hoffman was born in New York 45 years ago, the daughter of British Pianist Richard Hoffman who was imported ...
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FORMOSA: Dismounting a Tiger

Three weeks ago a well-known Formosan publisher who dared propose setting up an opposition political party went to jail. Kuomintang officials congratulated themselves that they had neatly disposed of the opposition and expected to hear no more about it. After all, the technique had worked before—notably three years ago, when another political critic, the daily ...
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Milestones: Mar. 2, 1962

Married. Arthur Miller, 46, famed Broadway playwright and ex-husband of Marilyn Monroe; and Ingeborg Morath, 38, Vienna-born freelance photographer; he for the third time, she for the second; in New Milford, Conn. Divorced. Princess Christine Margarethe of Hesse, 29, lissome niece of Britain's Prince Philip; by Prince Andrej of Yugoslavia, 32, insurance-broking brother of former ...
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Education: 300 Million to Go

Though China was old and wise after 40 centuries of civilization, only 15% of her people knew how to read & write when James Yang Ch'u Yen and his Mass Education Movement went to work. In 24 years Chinese education has been revolutionized. The forces of history and the energy of many scholars had a ...
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Education: Town Hall

Outsiders frequently wonder why Cleveland is more international-minded than most Midwest cities. Clevelanders know the answer—the educational influence of their city's Foreign Affairs Council. Last fortnight it formally changed its name to Council on World Affairs. Godfather of the Foreign Affairs Council was Cleveland's famed adopted son, Newton Diehl Baker. In 1923 he helped launch ...
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People: People, Aug. 4, 1941

Travelers Pola Negri, 41, oldtime siren of the silents, and Negrophile Nancy Cunard, the British shipping family's 45-year-old problem child, tangled with immigration officials in New York harbor. They finally let Pola in despite the fact her papers were out of order. She had come from the Riviera. Nancy, who had come from Havana with ...
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Education: Dewey at 80

One Indian summery evening last week 1,000 people gathered in Manhattan to praise "America's greatest philosopher." It was John Dewey's 80th birthday, and many distinguished men and women—among them Chinese Ambassador Hu Shih, Charles Beard, Mrs. Eugene Meyer, Fiorello LaGuardia—had come to his party. Nine organizations, including the Progressive Education Association and American Philosophical Association, ...
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CHINA: Pear Core & Principles

While the greatest of modern Chinese thinkers and philosophers, Dr. Hu Shih, Dean of the School of Literature at the National Peking University, was being feted last week at Manhattan's Waldorf-Astoria by the China Society of America and was toasting China's increased political unity, in Shanghai some courageous Chinese cabaret reveler was throwing a pear ...
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CHINA: Wang Weasels

China has no constitution in the accepted meaning of the word, no bill of rights, and her greatest living sage Dr. Hu Shih (TIME, Sept. 9) has recently said: There has never been any attempt to define by law the limits of government action in China, nor has there been any constitutional provision for the ...
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Education: Too Big

Visiting Peking in the '20s, a wealthy Manhattan engineer named Guion M. Gest got relief from a painful eye disease, and picked up a hobby. For his ailment, Commander I. V. Gillis, U.S. naval attaché in Peking at the time, recommended an ancient Chinese eye medicine, concocted and sold by a Peking family. The medicine ...
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The Road to Paris

(See Cover] Lenin wrote: "The road to Paris lies through Peking." The man who took that road for Bolshevism was China's Red Boss Mao Tse-tung. Four years ago Mao squatted in a cave in northwest China's Yenan wilderness. Last week he lived in a Peking palace and he stood, by able and accurate proxy, at ...
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CHINA: Chih-k'o on Roller Skates

(See Cover) Seven hundred howling university students swarmed through Nanking Government offices last week. They wanted the monthly food subsidy for students (now $48,000 CN, or about two black-market U.S. dollars) doubled to meet still-rising inflation. When officials said "No chance," they shouted back coarsely: "Where has the money gone? How much do you spend ...
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Religion: Where Is He?

(See Cover) And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed. . . . And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city. And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into ...
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